FAST UK confirm exhibiting presence

FAST UK Ltd is a UK company dedicated to providing safety and access solutions, re-testing of safety equipment, and collective guardrail edge protection installations for personnel working in high-risk environments, together with a wide range of versatile roof safety products and systems tailored to the construction industry, property owners and facilities management.

We offer a comprehensive range of reliable solutions that can be adapted to fit most applications, which includes freestanding guardrail systems, fixed guardrail, and collapsible guardrail, as well as horizontal and vertical fall arrest safety lines, which can all help eliminate risks when working in hazardous conditions. Our systems meet the highest safety standards and comply fully with the relevant safety legislation.

We provide a full array of safe access products and services from roof walkways, roof light covers to bespoke step details. We also provide fixed vertical ladder access and are proud to be the only supplier of ARRESTARAIL.

ARRESTARAIL is an industrywide renowned vertical rail system utilised by many clients for its versatility and ease of use. It can be applied in all industrial and commercial applications and complies to the latest industry standards.

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