TAD Communications confirm significant exhibiting attendance

The TAD I-am is TAD Communications newly developed “smart” device for Plant and Fleet Governance and Health & Safety.

Vehicle unit comprises Smart Card reader, Vehicle 3 cut Immobiliser, Telematics unit. Each Operator have their own smart card, programmed with all their training and expiry dates.  

Before starting the vehicle the operator inserts his smart card into the Card Reader, this checks the training against the vehicle, if training present vehicle starts, at the same time sending information to base that the driver has been successfully Allowed to start the vehicle. If no training the vehicle stays immobilised and sends a Declined message back to base.  From these messages you can see who is driving your vehicle, when their training expires, the length of time driving, vehicle Utilisation, Co2 and NOX exhaust amounts, these can also be calculated for site, region or full company.

Health & Safety covered by only allowing trained drivers to operate machines, all training easily viewed, site security covered by photo on card. Smart Card updates done remotely and security periods can be set from 1 day to indefinite.  Demonstrations available at the show.

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