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neil Hawthorne.jpg

Neil Hawthorne - Head of Health Safety and Wellbeing - National Highways

“National Highways - Balancing Public safety and On-Road staff safety on the strategic road network”

Miranda Loh.jpg

Dr Miranda Loh - Director of Science and Engagement - The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM)

"How Science will shape the Future of Occupational Health"

Julia McNally.jfif

Julia McNally - Founder and Innovator – Iknaia

"How AI and smart sensors will revolutionise worker Health and Safety outcomes in the construction sector"

Doug Heath.png

Doug Heath - Head of International Sales - Intelligent Fingerprinting

"The future of drug testing is here: how to simplify and improve drug screening processes in safety-critical environments with fingerprint testing"

Andy Ravenscroft Profile Pic.jpg

Andy Ravenscroft - Senior Business Development Manager – Reactec

"How wearable technology can revolutionise health and safety"

Matthew Breakell.jpg

Matthew Breakell - Partner & Head of Health and Safety Commercial Solutions - DAC Beachcroft

“Key lessons from regulatory investigations - How behaviours across the organisation can influence outcomes and help minimise incidents”

Ron Hodgson.jpg

Ron Hodgson - Head of Head and Safety - Clancy Group

"Safety performance improvement through Process simplification, Data and Analytics"

Kate Bio Pic.jpg

Kate Walker - CEO - Diabetes Safety Organisation

"The Hidden Epidemic - How the growth of Diabetes in the workplace will impact Safety, Legal Risk and Productivity*

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